Lakkars has carved a distinct niche for itself in the city amidst growing fashion women magazines. The intricate content speaks volumes about the tremendous effort, flawless aesthetics and superb deft seamanship. The collection is segmented into graceful topics of opulence like Women Fashion, Lifestyle, Entrepreneur and Empowerment with a touch of the contemporary. Showcasing a creative blend of words finery with contemporary styles, it is dedicated to the incredible chef editor.

For four decades, Lakkars has been creating fascinating women empowerment as exclusive adornments for women. With a successful standing in the world fashion magazine, Lakkars has unleashed a new benchmark of the digital magazine Worldwide. Built on the foundation of 3 pillars, the brand is popular for its eloquent. Lakkars ascent to success in the Deccan can be attributed to an understanding of every woman’s desires when it comes to Digital. Lakkars is to give the best in fashion tips with the help of great experts from worldwide. Whether you’re looking for an Entrepreneur– Lakkars has got something for everyone. The magnificent Handsome who created this magazine, Mr Sangram, have plenty of reasons to smile.

What started as a simple Magazine, is now a thriving business with plenty of countless loyal subscribers. Mr Sangram has used his knowledge of Digital and intuitive understanding of fashion to bring the digital magazine to this level of fame also in fashion scenarios and has a solid reputation for entrepreneurs the most amazing trousseaus for Independent. Today, Lakkars has over Subscribers in more than 25 Indian cities and 105+ Countries Worldwide.
Lakkars & Co. is a worldwide corporation organized into three geographic divisions: Afroz Lakkars Americas (ALA), headquartered in Dallas, Texas; Shaheen Lakkars S.Korea (SLK), based in Seoul; and Prasanna Lakkars Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (PLAMA), based in Hyderabad. The company employs a staff of approximately 600 people worldwide.

The company is also well-known for promoting progressive causes. In 2017, the CEO published an Op-ed in Lakkars magazine endorsing gun control.

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