Maitland Ward Breaks Silence, Says “I’ve More Fame, Money, Acting Opportunities…”

Maitland Ward Breaks Silence, Says “I’ve More Fame, Money, Acting Opportunities…”

Maitland Ward, who rose to fame because of her character Rachel McGuire in the ABC’s sitcom “Boy Meets World” from 1998 to 2000, shared her journey from being an actress to a po*nstar and wrote it in her memoir, “Rated X: How P*rn Liberated Me from Hollywood”. In a recent magazine interaction, the actress opened up about it. Scroll below to read about her life journey.

Maitland, the 45-year-old actress, after becoming quite famous for the sitcom, made a breakthrough in the adult film industry. Now, she wrote about her unique career path in her memoir “Rated X: How P*rn Liberated Me from Hollywood”, which got published on September 6, 2022.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Maitland Ward shared, “It’s about living your truth and not listening to what everyone is telling you to do. For so long, Hollywood was telling me that I could only be a certain way. The industry wanted to keep me in some box. I reached a point where I just wanted to do my own thing. I’m now my authentic self. There are always going to be people who will try to pigeonhole you, especially as a woman. For me to break out has been so liberating. I think that’s true for anyone in any industry. My story just happens to be a little more scandalous.”

In chapter six of her memoir, she allegedly mentioned that she was asked to put on lingerie for producers who were primarily men. While talking about it to Fox News Digital, Maitland Ward revealed, “Yes, it was uncomfortable and odd, and I wasn’t sure why I needed to be doing this.”

“I thought it was my job to behave and be a professional. Or whatever I thought that was at the time. But it was very uncomfortable and made me feel exposed and gawked at. Even Michael commented that he was so embarrassed about this because I’m so much like a daughter to him [that it] felt weird. I never understood why we didn’t just take pictures of everything in the wardrobe and choose from there. Why did I have to put on a show? My confidence was low in my body. I was young, impressionable and thought this is what you do. It would never happen today because somebody would get called out on it. And let me just say, I’m in po*n, and I’ve never had to walk into a producer’s office or whatever and try on the lingerie for a shoot,” Ward added.

Maitland Ward further mentioned that she didn’t join the adult film industry under any influence of criticism, and she never got blurred by the negative perspective of the people. She concluded, “I have more fame, more money and more acting opportunities than I ever had,” she said. “I get to create roles. I get lengthy, twisted dialogue. I get to write scripts. I get to do all the things that I wanted to do. I even have more respect now for doing exactly what I want to do unapologetically. How can you shame someone who is not ashamed? And women approach me all the time saying that I’ve empowered them to feel more comfortable in their s*xuality.”

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