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Lakkars encourage and publish a lot of amazing content, especially of women creators. Lakkars is about celebrating women and their inspiring life stories.

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Lakkars can do high-end advertising and fashion branding shoots for your brands. we can work out the concepts and execute them based on the approvals. Start building one right now with us..

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Even in the present digital platform, where Lakkars have paved their path well in the digital marketing sectors have only uplifted and worked with women.

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Lakkars' article writings are all about women, describing the different achievements of women and their success rates in various fields of work.

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It isn’t always easy to get a portfolio design right, but a high-quality design can create an immersive experience for our clients and keep them engaged with our work.

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So let’s hope you make the best use of this opportunity as you know one says, seize the moment as opportunities don’t come twice. Lakkars intends this to be a helping platform so let not money come between till you’ve made it out there into the competitive world.

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Lakkars proves women are no less than a man, instead they are much more. we’re here to make that possible even during these difficult days.

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Together we stand with women who play the most meaningful lives on earth with nature.

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Lakkars encourage and publish a lot of amazing content, especially of women creators.

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Lakkars ascent to success in the Deccan can be attributed to an understanding of every woman’s desires when it comes to dressing up.

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We Lakkars are willing to collaborate with talents on the young generation and step up the marketing game for you.

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Lakkars now wants to provide a platform to the newly growing talent in any field such as acting, modelling, and so on.


LAKKARS was born as a magazine helping women fashion for success. Thanks to the brilliance of many over the past decade, Lakkars magazine will keep you all updated with everything popping around the world under one roof.

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