<strong>Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu on ‘Aggressive’ American Women’s Business Fashion</strong>

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu on ‘Aggressive’ American Women’s Business Fashion

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu arrived on the French Consulate red carpet for the season three premiere of “Emily in Paris,” giving a lesson on how to wear a cape.

In honour of the latest season of the show, where she plays the character Sylvie, Leroy-Beaulieu wore a black dress ruched at the waist with a thigh-high slit and an asymmetrical cape by Alexandre Vauthier Couture. She coordinated the look with black stockings and black fur trim heeled sandals. She accessorized with an arrow-shaped earring and two rings.

For makeup, Leroy-Beaulieu opted for a classic evening-ready look, including a matte lip, a hint of blush and eye-popping mascara. She parted her hair to one side and did it in a sleek, straightened style.

The actress returns for another season of the show as Emily’s tough boss Sylvie, who is starting her own marketing company and approaches Emily to join her at the new office.

With Sylvie stepping into a business owner role this season, viewers will find the wardrobe choices reflect that. Leroy-Beaulieu also finds major differences between the styles of American and French businesswomen.

“American businesswomen are more aggressive with their style, whereas French businesswomen are going for quiet and mystery,” Leroy-Beaulieu said. “French businesswomen want creativity to come as more of an inspiration and not force it. You compare Sylvie to the American characters, like Emily and Madeline, and you see them dressing with more of a sense of efficiency. Efficiency is good, but I think style should be a mix of both efficiency and creativity.” Leroy-Beaulieu also said Sylvie’s clothes are going higher end this season, with a no-boundaries approach to dressing. “There was no realism at all. We treated the whole situation like a fairytale,” she said.