Young Designer Priyanka Bhansali take Leap in to World of Fashion Designing

Young Designer Priyanka Bhansali take Leap in to World of Fashion Designing

With growing fashion needs, many young women are considering fashion design as a career option. Priyanka Bansali, a 21-year- graduate, is making an indelible mark in the market garnering more and believes the designing platform is still important.

This is the first story in a series that will follow Bansali as she develops her collection and builds a business. sangram spoke to Priyanka Bhansali from Hyderabad about what she envisions for her designs to endorse and create different attire keeping Kashmiri tradition and culture in mind.

Priyanka always loved to design her clothes. Whenever she would have to buy a new dress, she would cancel the plans and get herself a customized dress. “I had this innate sense of dressing differently. I never trusted a market product but would design my clothes according to my choice.”

Though a student, Priyanka would always gather praise for her dressing sense. “I study at Fashion Institute, Hyderabad and almost all my friends would just love my styling. Many times they would ask me to design for them as well. Priyanka did so once or twice for her close ones.”

Once her aunt liked Priyanka’s Pheran so much; that she asked her to design it for her. “My maternal family deals with shawls etc I got material from them for that pheran and got it dyed. It turned out so beautiful that people were awestruck.” When more requests began to pour in, she thought of customizing dresses for ladies. Her sister even insisted she start designing where she can showcase her talent. 

In 2019, gave it a try and started modelling. “Though I had plunged into it, I didn’t dedicate much time to it. Designing is my first interest and I was more into it than modelling.” But in 2021, after lockdown, Priyanka got ample time to dedicate to her passion. She became active in modelling and started showing her skills. 

“The more time I gave to it, the better response I began to get.” She usually designs Indo-Western with frocks, Kurtis etc. She has also ventured into the magazine, wherein she along with a team shoots. “This has helped me a great deal. People can relate to a face. So yea! This has been a great deal for me as a team.”

What do you want to achieve?

 I want to create an experience for women of colour to see something different. I want to create a vibe and challenge what design can be. It’s a presentation, but it’s supposed to be fun. I want to create a show that I would want to go to. People will buy the pieces, but I wanted to blur the lines between artists and fashion designers.