New Collections from 5 Thai Designers

New Collections from 5 Thai Designers

After almost eight months of 2022 whizzing by with over half of it involving being either in a full, or semi-lockdown, and going out remaining mostly a no-no, most of us feel very little, or no, need to add anything to our existing wardrobe. However, do you know that getting dressed up for work-from-home can do much more than just give you an appearance boost during Zoom meetings? A recent study from professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University reveals that clothes can affect your performance and by going straight to your laptop in pyjamas, you somewhat jeopardise your productivity.

Now, as we realise the significance of dressing up for work-from-home, it’s now time we looked around for some new additions for a wardrobe refresh. Here are seven brands from Thai designers and their latest collections to check out:


The ASV Autumn/Winter 2022 is a sporty yet luxurious collection inspired by Britain’s most famous royal style icon: Diana, Princess of Wales. In a nod to the 80s and 90s, the collection comes with vintage flairs through details derived from the two eras. Expect a vibrant vintage palette in scarlet, hot pink, cerulean (not turquoise!) and sweeter tones of pink rose and ivory set against deeper shades of black, navy blue, Sacramento green and caramel.

It’s a full retro vibe with classic designs. Think shirt-dresses with sailor collars, a pyjama-style relaxed shirt, a rugby dress and a shirt that can be paired with the collection’s polka dot headband and baseball cap.

Angelys Balek

Not many Thai designers are coming out with swimwear at this time of the year, but while Angelys Balek is not technically a 100% Thai label, their AW22 collection is perfect as Thai winter beachwear. Titled ‘Here Comes the Sun, the collection conveys the brand’s intention to inspire and bring happiness to women. You can spot inspirations from the creative director’s favourite painter, Gustav Klimt, through the collection’s geometric shapes, solid colours and lines inspired by details from Klimt’s oeuvres. The collection can be distinguished into three parts: The Life Aquatic, A Gleam of Sunshine, and Serene by the Sea. 

M2S Signature

Break the vibrant palette that is popular amongst Thai designers this season with some calming tones and neutrals from M2S Signature. The label’s ‘Scandinavian Summer’ collection imagines the lifestyle of  Scandinavian women and the warm sun to create sleek, ready-to-wear pieces that are both feminine and masculine in one. It’s not androgynous, per se, but one sees the intention through the combination of lace, satin and tweed with sharp silhouettes and classic shades of white, navy and grey. Great for creating a capsule wardrobe, the Scandinavian Summer collection features go-to pieces such as a neat white blazer with lace detailing and a V-neck dress that mixes satin with lace, a tweed dress and an oversize dress shirt.


Sretsis celebrates its upcoming vicennial anniversary by looking back on its past. The brand’s Pre-fall 2022 ‘Sretsis Archive: Intro’ collection probes and ponders on Sretsis’ ethos and the timeless, classic designs that will last for many years to come. The collection thus revisits iconic prints created by Sretsis including Tiny Daisy Brocade, Labyrinth Rayon Crepe and Kalocsa Cotton.

Disaya Vacationist

Inspired by Lanna culture and Chiang Mai, Disaya Vacationist – Bo Sang collection, takes local fashion to another level by bringing together ornate craftsmanship, local textiles and cultural diversity. One sees Chinese button detail combined with a Mo Hom shirt and patterns drawn with similar techniques used on the Bo San umbrellas. There’s a sleeveless Chinese collar dress featuring a special lacing technique and Hmong textile in sweet hues of pastel pink, mint green and soft yellow.


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