Learn Dune Actress Zendaya Stays in Shape

Learn Dune Actress Zendaya Stays in Shape

Over the recent years, Hollywood actress Zendaya has given us some memorable red carpet moments. From donning the futuristic Tom Ford breastplate to walking the red carpet in a nude dress, the Euphoria actress knows how to slay a fashion moment. But to fit into those iconic looks, the actress also follows a certain fitness routine which can work as an inspiration for you too. Check out how the 25-year-old actress keeps in shape.


When it comes to diet, Zendaya has admitted that she is a vegetarian, and not a big breakfast person. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, the Dune actress said that she was never a breakfast person. “I love breakfast food, just not at breakfast time,” she clarified. The actress added that she would eat breakfast food, but it must include Nutella on it: pancakes, and berries. In a conversation with US Weekly, Zendaya admitted that the main reason for her being a vegetarian is that she loves animals and definitely not because she loves vegetables.


The Disney star has admitted that she is not a fan of exercising and often looks for ways to make her workout routine more fun. Speaking to Justine Magazine, she said that she has to find the fun in her workouts in order to stick with them. “For me, I enjoy dancing and doing choreography, stuff like that. So, that’s how I get my exercise”, she said. She added that one should find something that is really fun for them to make workouts more loveable.

The actress also flexed some impressive upper body strength for her role in The Greatest Showman, which saw her trapeze-ing. The actress also goes for some intense HIIT workout routines as a video showed.

The routine included exercises like lunges, arm raises with TRX straps, bicycle crunches, laps, pushups, leg raises, pop squats, wacky jacks, russian crosses, and wide leg squats.