8 Tips for Clear Skin

Eating lots of berries and broccoli and making sure to sleep properly is a good start when you want a bright-complexion skin – but it is also important to choose the right makeup and skincare products. Our Lakkars Experts tell you how!

1. Clean the face morning/evening

During the evening and especially the day, the skin accumulates a lot of dirt and impurities, so it is very important to clean the face both morning and evening.

2. Drink water

Drinking water to avoid acne is probably the easiest trick in practical terms. It’s so easy to forget but make sure you have a water bottle with you wherever you go! Try to drink several glasses a day so that all of you are moisturized and the skin does not become dehydrated!

3. Facial serum

After cleaning my face in the evening/morning, I always lubricate my face with cream. However, I would like to find a good serum as it is discussed that it is better than regular cream. Creams moisturize the skin on the surface, while the serum penetrates and moisturizes from within.

4. Eat healthy and well

This is the part that is a bit tricky. It is not always easy to change your eating habits and it must not be wrong either. But eating creamy cheeses, white bread and pasta, chocolate and soft drinks, is not generally good for the skin. Omega 3, however, fruits and berries are good for the skin!

Clean Face

5. Cleaned makeup brushes

This is very important. There is so much dirt on the makeup brushes that it is very unhygienic, so cleaning the brushes is often a must!

6. Change towels & sheets

Just like with the makeup brushes; it collects dirt on both towels and especially the sheets which is very bad for the skin. Therefore, make sure to change and clean them often too!

7. Let the skin breathe

The skin feels really good just to breathe! Therefore, try not to always let the skin go around with a thick layer of foundation and concealer. I think it is super fun to wear makeup, but I also try to go without makeup a lot!

8. Stress less

If you are often very stressed, more androgen’s can begin to form, which can clog pores, resulting in the risk of acne. Therefore, try to stress less. It may not be so easy … But it is often one of the reasons many suffer from acne!

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