Best Blouse Designs 2020 for Indian Wedding Seasons: Reshma Shah

Outfits, tops, designer tops, a simpler one; what top do you want to wear on your wedding? A bride has so many choices for it. There is an abundance of blouse designs 2020, from which you can select your damn one and wear on your wedding.

Fashion is an art where one can express their own individuality. Reshma Shah is a true believer of individualistic style, and her brand Afthonia by Enre is an embodiment of the same with the focus on conscious clothing & sustainable fashion.

There can be a certain trendy customization also that we saw of a blouse, though it was not really blouse and not customization also but it looked like a blouse. So the case was; instead of a blouse, a bride wore a T-shirt combining it with her lehenga on her wedding and wrapping sari around it. She was looking nice and gorgeous.

Her mission is to help turn your apparel dreams into reality, from creating an innovative Indian-Fusion look as per your vision to refurbishing your classic saris & lehengas into chic modern day outfits.

A blouse is a traditional, normal top that is worn by women in India. There are several patterns of it including designer blouse patterns and others. You can see blouse designs 2020 latest images where you find many patterns and designs of it.

See how you want to be look like in your wedding and remember comfort is the only thing fashion styles.

Back Slit Blouse Designs

Back Slit

Reshma want to show little but not from front side but from the backside, then back slit is the perfect choice and in summer, one of the best. Wind passes through! Simple or with pattern designs, every style is available in them. Though floral prints look classic.

Chinese Collar Blouse

Chinese collar

Another Asian addition in your collection it can be. From upside, it is close to your neck as Chinese women used to wear in old times, still popular though. It is the main feature of Chinese color blouse designs. There are many cuts that make it awesomely different. 

Sleeve Blouse Design

Sleeve Blouse Design

It is simply see-thorough but with sobriety. Hot but yet elegant. Every woman can wear this. Those who always wear full covered blouse designs should go for sheer sleeve blouse style. 

A Shirt Blouse

Shirt Style Blouse

It is a combo of a shirt and a blouse design. Shirt style blouse designs are one of the best options for those women who are very much conservatives and yet want to go for style. It is a professional women’s pick, elegant, classy and available with various patterns and prints.

Rectangular Back Design with modern Sleeves

Rectangular Back Design With modern Sleeves

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need to become the center of attraction wherever you go. This simple blouse design is one fine example of that.

Couture Collection Design with Tiled Up Traditional Motif

Couture Collection Design With Tiled Up Traditional Motif

The name explicitly describes this blouse design type, Couture Collection designs. You can wear it with any sari you want. You can combine them with tassels or any hanging/dangling design patterns that can adore it well. 

Blouse That’s Fastened Using a Back Knot

Blouse That Fastened Using A Back Knot

It is only held with a knot that you dot behind your back. Omph and sexy, nothing on your back, just a knot. Super appealing these are, that wherever you go, people only see you.

Look in A Buttoned Up Blouse Design

Look In A Buttoned Up Blouse Design

No, you don’t need to button up from behind. It is only the design that you can flaunt with sheer or any other. You can try this style with traditional saris, though totally unauthentic but can be a fashion experiment.

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