Every Fashion Model Needs to Study Magazines

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring models make is not being prepared. Some models who are just starting out will head to a booking after a late night of partying, unaware of how physically and mentally demanding a photo shoot can be. Others forget to bring their portfolio, leave their model kit at home, or don’t bother to research the agency or client they’re shooting for. Worst of all, they have no idea what to do when they’re put in front of a camera. This careless attitude can make you seem unprofessional, unmotivated, and consequently, UN-bookable. ​

A major part of being prepared is simply making an effort to get a good night’s sleep and double-checking that you have everything you need. It’s also important to do your homework—meaning immersing yourself in the modeling world and learning from successful and practiced models.

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Let Magazines be Your Guide

Hands down the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn to model is to spend quality time with your favorite fashion magazines. As you flip through the pages of these fashion bible publications, study the models and observe how they have moved their position. Memorize and practice their poses, and learn to mimic their characterization of different emotions.

Learn about the designers, photographers, and note the models’ names. As an exercise, tear out pages with the shots you like best and practice what you see. Don’t stop practicing until you’ve perfected the mood, the pose, the expression. Soon you’ll have the confidence you need to appear effortless in front of a camera.

Stay away from so-called “fashion” magazines that fill themselves with nothing but celebrities. They’re an interesting read, but if you really want to make your research worthwhile, stick with legitimate high fashion magazines that use real models. The best fashion magazines to learn from rarely need an introduction to someone interested in modeling.

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