Exposed, glowing and confident Fashion trends for Spring Summer

Winter is upon us but we can still look ahead to better and brighter times and plan our summer wardrobes. Stephanie Smith picks out SS20 fashion trends from the international catwalks.

Fashion is taking a long, hard look at itself for the coming spring as it goes through a period of readjustment, realignment and rethinking. Much of this is down to the sustainability issue – it’s fashion’s job to push new looks at us each season, to encourage us to buy more, to be on-trend, to be ahead of the pack with something new and directional, but how does this square with the plain fact that there are already far too many clothes on the planet?

Reinforcing the message of investment fashion is one way, with fashion brands highlighting what they consider they do best – tweeds at Chanel, long sleeve gowns at Dior and sleek tux trouser suits at Saint Laurent.

On a more casual note, the simple shirt, the trench coat and denim all got the elevated classic touch, letting us know that reassuring staples can and will last forever.

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