Fashion Trends for Gorgeous Saris 2020

Wearing a sari is a timeless art that has travelled eons and continues to flourish. Six yards of sheer elegance, a sari is an emblem of femininity and epitome of grace.

It is an everyday garment for thousands of South Asian women. However, designers like Prasanna Lakkars have managed to transform this conventional garment. There is a wide range of designer saris available which are as modern as they are traditional. They have given this attire multiple makeovers keeping it current with the changing times.


Chaugoshiya is also known as the Pant-Style sarior Khada Dupatta.

It is a century-old style of sari which was traditionally worn by Muslim women on their wedding ceremonies or nikkah in Nazim’s Hyderabad.

This style of adorning this attire includes four garments:

  • Choli: fitted blouse
  • Kurti: loose tunic
  • Form-fitting trousers
  • Five-metre khada dupatta
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The beauty of summer shines through this delicately hand-painted sari trend.

The charm of pastel-colored saris with contrasting floral patterns painted on them can make anyone feel summer-ready.

Style with delicate jewelry to coincide with the fine summer vibes. Alternatively, wear it with statement jewelry for a bolder look.

In this instance, both options would look fabulous for a formal occasion or a wedding because you would surely make heads turn.

Also, this intricate hand-painted sari has been adopted by acclaimed Indian fashion designer.

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