Fashion Design Students Presented Their Collections At Fashion Show 2023

Fashion Design Students Presented Their Collections At Fashion Show 2023

Students at the School of Fashion Design of FDDI excelled in the opportunity to present their designed clothes at the Graduation ‘FDDI Fashion show-2023, The FDDI fashion event witnessed the presence of elite personalities of the fashion world, amid the attendance of hundreds of the latest fashion styles and trends fans. The show proved as a platform for designers to showcase their latest and future creations.

The Fashion Show was opened with the charismatic collection, which presented a dazzling display of their creative design talent on the runway, The Team Jaal ( Abhishek Yadav, Prabhat Kumar, Kumari Shwetangi and Ankit Kumar) has designed clothes for some extremely good that comprised amongst others. They have inspired all the audients out there, to get up and make sense of their life.

One of FDDI’s fashion design students, Kumari Shwetangi presented her collection based on ‘Futuristic Fashion’. “I put a lot of sweat, tears, and blood into this,” says FDDI student Shwetangi. “On that final day, I think that everybody just sees the glamorousness of all of it. Like, ‘Oh, they made a collection and the model’s costumes look perfect.’ But it’s a lot of work, like I think we’ve had six hours of sleep this week” says Ankit Kumar.

“It has to be dramatic, something people wouldn’t wear in everyday life,” says Abhishek. “Has to stand out and it just basically has to wow the audience.”

“I am thrilled to have celebrated the Jaal collections of Fashion Design at the Fashion show,” said Pratima, faculty of FDDI. “On display was wild creativity, a plurality of aesthetic possibilities and a deep grounding in designing from narrative and with making practices that heal and transform the world – all exemplifying the teaching and learning happening across our programs in the School of FDDI.”

Shwetangi’s work blends digital techniques and hand craftsmanship to reinvent regular objects in the world of fashion design. She aims to create a new visual language through digital manipulation and textile experiment, constructing new visual elements and blurring the boundaries between physical and virtual worlds through fashion.

With her Jaal collection, she aims to critically consider the concepts of time and value, and therefore suggest an abstract and innovative understanding of a sustainable design approach by developing her ephemeral textile combined with a focus on a strong passion for tailoring and pattern-making.

With the Jaal collection, they intend to open up a discussion on the value and labour of the most popular clothing items: Denim Jeans, Trench Coats and Jersey Sweaters.

According to Prabhat Kumar, “I have always collected fabrics, scraps and pieces of clothes to rework them together as a final canvas. This collection isn’t it, neither will be any future one, but it will rather show through a ‘system’ engaging designers, makers and costumers altogether for us to understand clothes, and how they move in accordance to our bodies and lives.”