FEMCOM Zimbabwe Launches Women’s Bank

FEMCOM Zimbabwe Launches Women’s Bank

The Federation of National Association of Women in Business, Zimbabwe Chapter has reached a new milestone with the launch of a micro-finance institution to support women’s economic empowerment.

The institution, Empowered Woman Excel SAACO Bank, launched last month, targets women in various sectors including agribusiness, teaching, mining, handicrafts and textiles, transportation, law, finance, service industry, tourism and professional associations.

The bank has been registered and it is lending money in USD with contributions worth $24,000 US dollars. Women MSMEs with saving accounts, otherwise denied loans by the big banks, are already accessing small loans from the SAACO to help their businesses survive the tough COVID-19 times and expand existing businesses with the new market opportunities.

The women’s bank was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Ms Edina Mukurazhizha and Ms Birgitta Matengenzara, the FEMCOM Africa and National Chapter Chair and founder member of the Business Female Teachers.

On 25 June, a launching event was conducted for the Zimbabwe Women SAACO Bank to raise awareness, attract government support and international recognition and ultimately increase membership numbers. The vision of the bank is to become a key facilitator the regional trade integration and infrastructure development. The bank will begin conducting training sessions for women and youth on financial literacy and how to access finance. FEMCOM is a COMESA institution for empowering women in business, with national chapters in the Member States.