Highland Hollywood star Karen Gillan has a key role in a new design company in her home city

Hollywood actress Karen Gillan has set up a design company with a friend in her home city. Loch Lassies Limited was launched by Ms Gillan and Donna Henderson last month.

Both are listed as directors of the private limited company which describes the nature of its business as “specialised design activities”. Its registered office is in Metropolitan House, High Street.

Ms Gillan was bridesmaid to Mrs Henderson – a friend from her school days as a pupil at the city’s Charleston Academy – during a wedding ceremony at Belladrum Estate near Beauly in 2012.

The actress – who has starred in Hollywood blockbusters including Guardians of the Galaxy, Jumanji and Avengers – first made her TV breakthrough in 2010 for portraying Amy Pond in the BBC One series Doctor Who. She subsequently relocated from Scotland to the US but has retained close links with her home city.

During a return visit to the Highlands, she wrote, directed and starred in the film, The Party’s Just Beginning, which looks at the sensitive issue of high suicide rates in the region.

Released in 2018, it told the story of a woman from Inverness who turns to alcohol and drugs as she struggles to cope with the suicide of her best friend. Ms Gillan also became a keen ambassador of Mikeysline, suicide prevention and mental health awareness charity working in the Highlands.

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