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K-pop idols who are breaking Korean beauty standards

K-pop idols who are breaking Korean beauty standards

Korean beauty standards are not progressive and have influenced thousands of women all over the world to change themselves with the help of numerous expensive plastic surgeries.

It is very common in South Korea to get plastic and cosmetic surgeries in order to justify these standards which are basically the objectification of a human body with no superficial individuality. But gen Z is changing these conventions and bringing an era of inclusive beauty standards. These K-pop idols are not adhering to these old-fashioned beauty standards and are looking even more beautiful with their unique features and with a fan base, growing in millions.

Orthodox Korean beauty standards

-V-line face

-Porcelain white skin

-Spotless skin

-Thigh gap

-Doubled eyelid

-Heart-shaped lips

-High straight nose bridge

-Aligned teeth

Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim, a member of the world-famous South Korean girl group ‘Blackpink’ is breaking the V-line face beauty standard with her round face, chubby cheeks, and short chin, makes her look much younger than her biological age. Jennie can be fierce in her music videos but can also be equally adorable with her dumpling cheeks.


Ahn Hye-jin, known professionally by her stage name Hwasa is a member of a South Korean girl group ‘Mamamoo’. She is breaking the stereotype of porcelain white skin with her typical Asian tan. “If I don’t fit into today’s beauty standards, I will become a new and different standard”, said Hwasa during one of her concerts.


Park Soo-young, known by her stage name Joy, is a member of a South Korean girl group ‘Red Velvet’ and has also starred in many Korean television dramas. Joy is breaking the thigh-gap beauty standard with her long but slightly chubby legs. There is no thigh gap between her thighs but she gives a very dynamic, modish, and healthy image to her younger fans.


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