Kristina, the supermodel who went viral

Meet Kristina, a girl who has been given the title the “most beautiful girl in the world.” Hmmm… Do you think she should put that on her work résumé? It would probably get her the job – except – something tells us she doesn’t need one. That is because ever since Kristina Pimenova started modelling at the mere age of four, she has been slowly but surely turning into one of the most sought after young ladies in the modelling.

Kristina pimenova

Yes, that’s right. We have a supermodel on our hands, everyone. And how do we feel about that? Perhaps it’s not up to us – perhaps it’s more up to the millions of followers she has on Facebook and Instagram. After all, when looking at her pictures, it is clear why she has become so popular. She was simply gifted with angelic facial features that are too hard to ignore. It is clear that her beauty goes beyond every day. And yet… we can’t help but wonder if there is something innately wrong with this scenario. Let us explain.

Kristina pimenova

Kristina certainly has an insanely large fan base – but there are people around the world who have a lot of trouble understanding how her parents could allow her to model at such a young age. They don’t believe it’s appropriate for someone so young to be so exposed to the public. In many people’s eyes, there is a certain seductive quality that the modelling industry expects from its stars, and certain people believe that it isn’t right for young children to be expected to uphold to these standards of tone. This is not a knock on Kristina – these people believe her parents shouldn’t have allowed her to start modelling. But her parents have their own reasons for doing so – especially her mother, Glikeriya, who is a large force behind Kristina’s modelling career.

Kristina pimenova

In this story, there are many different viewpoints one might take, and perhaps you are also one of those who don’t think Kristina should be modelling at such a young age. But after you read her mother’s point of view on the matter, you may change your opinion. In any case, Glikeriya maintains that she has her daughter’s best interests at heart. Read the whole story, and you’ll find out why.

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