I’ve always been creative – Lavanya

I’ve always been creative – Lavanya

Lavanya being a strong and independent woman herself shared the importance of a woman having her own identity. She said, “A woman must always have her own identity and should be known by her name. More often than not, women are known as a wife of someone, a mother of someone or a daughter of someone, but that should not be the case.”

“So, for that to be possible, every woman should do some or the other work. For instance, now that I am a makeup artist, people know me by my name and my work. Additionally, my family also feels elated to introduce me as an artist and is proud of what I do.”, she further said. 

Talking about whether all women get the required support from their families to do something for themselves she said, “No, not all women are supported by their family. Even in today’s time when there is so much progress, the backward mindset of not letting a woman live her dream is still there. But, then again, a woman should learn to break the barriers and move ahead. Once, she succeeds, probably then her family will also appreciate her and start supporting her.”

“Even when I was young I would play with makeup and do fashion looks on myself. It’s embarrassing looking back now, but I was SO inspired by it when I was young!”

I was going to be a makeup artist.

MUA: Lavanya | Lakkars Magazine | Model: Poojitha Reddy | Click: Sai charan Reddy

So how did it all start?

It all began with a Diploma in Specialised Makeup, where I was juggling classes with gig after gig and getting to work with some amazing people in the industry.

My creativity was in overdrive having been thrown into the wonderful world of fashion, beauty and weddings.

Let’s get creative, girl!

With years of experience working on thousands of faces, I know we can work together to achieve exactly the look you want. Whether it’s a natural look, super-glam or somewhere in between, I’ve got you covered.

People are often worried about getting a ‘cake face’ from a makeup artist and I can promise you that you’ll get none of that from me – unless of course your request it! My style is glowy, natural and breathable, with designs that will highlight your natural beauty.

Oh, and a huge focus on skincare!

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