Some specific model poses characterize each photography genre and it is very important to choose an appropriate one. However, the typical feature of all fashion poses is that they are full of confidence and self-assurance.

Even if you already know some beneficial poses that always look great in the frame, remember that there is always a place for improvement. Continue practicing and find more successful modeling poses for female and male models.

Best Model Poses from Top Models

Who should know the model poses? We may confidently say that both the shooter and the model should be aware of a beneficial model posing since the success of the shooting fully depends on them.

Different poses in the same circumstances look completely different. Therefore, the pose may contribute to the successful shooting as well as spoil it. We will tell you about the most favorable model pose.

Hands-on Hips

Hands on Hips

If your hands are on the hips, your waist seems thinner. Moreover, circles formed by the arms mix with the background creating a slimming effect. This is one of my favorite fashion poses since the model looks powerful and superior.

Experiment with bodyweight distribution. For example, let one leg have more weight and then switch the legs.

Leaning on Something

Leaning on Something

Remember that the shooter’s position also influences the model’s behavior in the frame. For example, if you sit or lean against her, she changes her focal points and that is, of course, seen in the frame.

In such a way, the shots become easy and natural. If the model is constantly focused on one thing, it will spoil the shot. Therefore, it’s better when she sees various things and has thoughts behind her eyes.

Twirling Hair

Twirling Hair

If you have beautiful long hair, you should really show it in motion. It is one of the most favorable female model poses.

You should quickly turn your head to make the hair swirl. The photographer may experiment with the exposure to get sharp or, on the contrary, blurred shots highlighting the motion of hair.

Shooting in Movement

Shooting in Movement

Female model posing often presupposes movement. Such shots require much time and great efforts both from the shooter and the model.

You may get the perfect shot in one button press or work for hours to receive a desired image.

Facial Play

Facial Play

Engage all parts of yours. You may raise an eyebrow or part your lips slightly. Change the position of your shoulders.

Experiment with facial expressions. However, faces are not symmetrical, so it’s better to determine your favorable face positions and use them while shooting.

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