Shreya Khanna, Tells Us What It Takes To Be a Successful Model and Why She Loves Acting

Shreya Khanna, Tells Us What It Takes To Be a Successful Model and Why She Loves Acting

Shreya Khanna, a top model turned fashion model and lifestyle influencer is known for her beautiful persona. Shreya started modelling at the age of 20. Her face has graced countless fashion magazines and designer runways, she was a Lakkars Magazine’s Angel and is a regular on the pages of Illustrated (i.e. she’s hot). Oh, and she finds time to fit in charity work in-between. Basically, Shreya Khanna is Strong and beautiful, she was the perfect cast for our fashion story. Sharing content about fashion and lifestyle, she has tremendous knowledge about the fashion and glamour industry Shreya always provides the best of the best to her fans.

Her looks and beauty are already the talks of the town and her fashion glamour skills have been a cherry on the cake. Shreya outstands every work she indulges in. Not everyone can handle success. It takes a great deal and responsibility to not only be successful but to nurture the success and keep it sacred. Never forgetting her roots, Shreya always paved way for a number of women who want to achieve their goals in the fashion and glamour industry.

Shreya Khanna Recognised for both her looks, talent and height of 5.7” who has given some memorable performances recently said that her upcoming Indian Cinemas were different from what she has been seen doing till now. “Movies have been very special as I got to work with the subjects, the idea of the films, blessed to be a part of the story… I couldn’t have asked for more”, she told Lakkars Magazine.

“My journey in cinema has recently begun and I feel blessed and fortunate that my work has got noticed by some of the best filmmakers in the industry. I’m thrilled about my performances being highlighted…As an actor; I can only aspire to do better from here on. I want to compete with myself and do better with each film,” Shreya said.

Shreya Khanna | Lakkars Magazine | Fashion Magazine

Do you have a beauty and exercise regime?

I see a trainer usually twice a week, and my beauty routine is very simple – I use a cleansing gel, toner, sea scrub and moisturiser from Christina Chin. I also see her for facials once or twice a month.

What are your favourite beauty products / what is always carried in your purse?

My Anastasia eyebrow kit, Dior Diorshow mascara and Cinema Secrets palette are my beauty staples and they go with me absolutely everywhere.

What is your go-to everyday outfit?

All black! Black jeans, black knee-high leather boots, a black leather jacket with a simple layering top and a Shreya bag.

Who are your favourite fashion designers?

It’s so hard to say because I work with so many that I really love, but right now I am extra into Tom Ford and Alexander Wang.

Do you have any advice for girls who want to get into modelling?

I think it is really important to stay connected to your family and friends, your support system. Keep the ones you love close to you, and focus on your long-term goals and on what you are working to achieve.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I have been so fortunate to get to work with so many amazing artists and collaborators in this industry, but in the end, I appreciate the creative choices that have allowed me to make it on my own. I would have never gotten to the place I am in my career without their support.

What was the best advice ever given to you?

My mom gives me great advice all the time, so it is hard to pick just one thing, but I do love that she has always told me: that there is something out there for everyone. What might be seen as a missed opportunity is actually making room for something better. Keep your head up and stay strong.

Shreya Khanna | Lakkars Magazine | Fashion Magazine

How do you relax?

I love a good day at the spa! I also love to cook a nice meal with my best girlfriends and stay in watching movies.

Where is home for you and why?

I am in love with Mumbai and it has been my home for quite a while, but Delhi will always feel like home to me because that is where I’m from and where my family lives.

Acting or modelling: what are your favourite things about each job?

With modelling, I love working with great photographers and being part of a team that makes these images come to life. When it comes to acting, I really enjoy taking on characters who are the complete opposite of me.