Trending Sandal Styles of Summer

This summer’s trending sandal style, already everywhere on Instagram, is to wear the ugliest sandal you can find. Think you’ve found it? Now add velcro. Then add more straps. Then add a platform. Make it sturdier. Make it bulkier.

Just keep adding hideous details and voila, you’ve found it, the best-selling sandal of the summer. The neon Birkenstocks. Sensible, ergonomic sandals never felt so right. Look, don’t come crying to us about it, we don’t make the rules. Take it up with the influencers. Here are the trending sandal styles of summer, all gorgeously atrociously ugly. At least there are no bedazzled Crocs this year. But still, we know, the joke is on us.

Teva Sandals


Do you know how I know these are the ugliest? They were designed for hiking. Just what you wanted in your summer sandal I’d bet, to comfortably walk your 10,000 steps a day. They come in lots of gorgeous vibrant shades and can toughen up a ditzy floral midi or the perfect throw-on dress.

Arizona Love Sandals


Same as Tevas, but embellished with details you loved when you were 15, like seashells and bandanas. Created by French designer Leslie Halfon, these sold-out repeatedly last summer.

The Row Ginza sandals

Row Ginza sandals

The ugliest most popular sandal of the summer but still in love with them? There are plenty of alternatives that won’t make your eyes water.

Chunky soles

Chunky Sole

Didn’t get your hands on Chanel’s dad sandals last summer? Not to worry, they’re back this coming season in pretty pastels. In the meantime, Kurt Geiger has a chunky-soled, velcro-strapped alternative.

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