Amy Poehler Net Worth: How Rich Is The Hollywood Actress?

Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, Amy Poehler. Amy has been an inspiration to many. This is perhaps because she has had a difficult start in her career.

At first, she was employed as a waitress in Hollywood. This is during the time when she struggled to find work. But she took inspiration from her mother who was a strong feminist. This inspired her to become a strong and independent woman herself. Hence, she did a lot of hard work and showed a lot of determination to get where she is now. Therefore, we thought that it is the perfect time to talk about this celebrity and also tell you about her earnings.

Amy Poehler: Her Love for Acting

Amy is one of those people who was meant to be an actor. This is because she got the tick for acting from a very early age. She played the role of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz once and this inspired her to become an actor.

Her areas of interest were not only limited to this and she wanted to do many things. Moreover, as an actor, she has contributed to Hollywood in many ways. Hence, let us try to find out how much is she worth.

Amy Poehler: Net Worth

We all know that Amy is now a known face in Hollywood. This has helped her land a lot of roles as her talent for acting recognised all around the world. Hence, she also has a lot of fans who support her and want to see her in more works.

She has also managed to amass a lot of wealth and is currently worth around $30 million. One of her more known roles is in Parks and Recreation, which is one of the very famous shows.

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