Disha Patani’s is Queen Of Casual-Chic

The stunning actress Disha Patani is known for her incredible work in the movies, but it is her style since we just can’t seem to get enough of! She is a diva, who rocks the feminine, girly-yet-sexy vibes with enviable ease. Her workout gear and body-hugging silhouettes have gained a lot of attention ever since she came into limelight. An inspiration for a lot of fashion icons, one thing that she has undeniably made a strong case in point is in crop tops.

Disha Patani’s is Queen Of Casual-Chic

As the name suggests, crop tops are basic tops that fall right around the waist. They help define the bodily curves beautifully. Disha Patani has styled them in elegant ways from basic trousers to shorts. Crop tops are everyone’s staple wear, but Disha Patani swiftly shows how you can step it up in amazing ways. The style icon never fails to impress.


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