Saris are the most ethnic yet elegant attire one can come up with. At the same time not everyone does sari drapes the same way.

Be it the bridal saris that are done with pleats or the airy chiffon saris that have a floaty drape. Also cultures and traditions define various draping styles like a Gujarati drape, Maharashtrian drape. These cultural drapes are common for most kinds of saris like silk saris or designer saris. Let us see 12 different sari draping styles that you can try for weddings and other parties.

1. Pleated Sari Drape

Pleated Sari Drape

The pleated sari drape is one of the most common drapes that we see. Be it in bridal Kanjeevaram saris or the heavy designer saris pleated drapes work perfectly. The most coveted sari for a pleated drape though are cotton saris. No one can deny the elegance that pleated cotton saris with a high neck blouse can give.

2. Floaty or A Casual Drape

Floaty or A Casual Drape

This is the easiest drape to have and to carry off. Pattu saris, light weight saris, net saris basically all kinds of saris can be draped casually with a pin or brooch securing the pallu. For a wedding guest sari this could be a great choice of drape as you will look casual and comfortable in those heavy saris. When you drape a sari of thin fabric like chiffon or georgette or net saris try back open blouses or zipper blouses. Front open blouses do not give a great effect.

3. Gujarati Style Sari Drape

Gujarati Style Sari Drape

A very popular drape, although traditionally worn by Gujarati women, this Gujarati style drape is a go to choice for many. Bridal saris have found these to be a favorite with either a short or a long pallu. Our choices for this drape would be Banarasi saris, Patola saris, Bhandini saris, Leharia saris with a short pallu.

4. Pant Style Sari Drape

Pant Style Sari Drape

A trendy sari drape that is breaking charts is the pant style sari draping. Easy to wear and looks glam. Perfect for reception saris and cocktail outfits for wedding guests. As a bride this would be a choice as mehndi wear.

5. Dhoti Style Sari Draping

Dhoti Style Sari Draping

Dhoti style sari draping is very similar to a pant style sari and is a heavy mix of tradition and modern. Dhoti saris have been popularized by gorgeous actresses like Samantha, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor who have worn and rocked this sari drape.

6. Lehenga Style Sari Draping

Lehenga Style Sari Draping

What if you want to wear your sari like a lehenga? Well, that is possible. With a simple drape of arranging single pleats across your waist line and taking the pallu either the regular way or the Gujarati way you have a fancy lehenga to wear without cutting up your favorite sari!!

7. Bengali Style Sari Draping

Bengali Style Sari Draping

The white and red special saris are so pretty in that different drape. The way they put the keys on the end of the pallu to finish the Bengali drape is so exotic. You can try it out in their special length sari or even in a regular sari, needless to say Bengal cottons are a great choice for this.

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