Find the Right Perfume for You

A perfume that can scent wonderfully on someone else can be difficult to come by on your own skin – and in some cases, smell completely different. Here are some guidelines on how you can put a scent on your personality.

Girly flirty

Girlish, flirty, fun and fearless – the floral scent notes, which are also the most common, are the ones that best accentuate your own giddy flirtatious personality. Choose if you want to whip past with a light scent of fresh, fruity flowers or if you want to leave a veil of heavier floral nature.


If you are looking for an exciting and slightly darker scent to clarify your own personality, it is within the fragrant scent family you should look for. Here, the scents are often based on a mysterious undertone of a more masculine nature, which is based in patchouli and sandalwood, but where notes of oriental, chypre and floral character also emerge. These are fragrances that radiate a trendy, sophisticated charm and are based on heavier wooden notes where even leather, earth, tobacco, and cedar can remind themselves.

Seductively passionate

The scents, as the name reveals, originate from the Orient, seduce with their warmer scent notes of soft spices, vanilla, cinnamon, rose and orchid, and with various heavier wood elements. These scents are usually suitable as evening markers or if you want a slightly heavier day perfume during the winter season.

Perfume freshness

Sporty fresh

In the slightly newer scent of ozone and fresh notes are the marine scents that are thin, light and that often attract both citrus and green grass. Here you will be reminded of scent notes such as sea, water, seaweed, clean washed laundry, freshly cut grass and fresh air. These are fragrances that are just as good during the day as in the evening. Suitable for the sporty person who does not want too heavy a scent, but who wants to feel fresh and signal a consciously active lifestyle throughout the day.

Making the scent last longer

To make your scent last longer, a trick may be to lubricate your skin before applying your perfume, then the skin is most susceptible. For an extra effect, use a body lotion with the same scent.

Great places to apply your perfume

On the inside of your wrists, at your jaw, in the elbow creases and at the clavicles, are good places to let your scent flower out. Now there is also a plethora of hair perfumes, but for those who want to intensify your perfume every time you turn, spray a small scent cloud and go through it, your scent will remind you throughout the day.

How to get rid of your pigment stains

Sun, summer and distressing pigments. The most wonderful season of the year involves a sun exposure beyond the ordinary and for some the grooves remain in the form of sad pigments. But calm down, there are solutions.

feeling fresh with perfume

What are pigment spots and what is the reason?

In connection with tanning, the skin’s melanin can clump together and form dark pigment spots. Most often the spots appear on the face in places such as the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. The dark spots are called hyper pigmentation and can be due to several things. The most common pigments occur from excessive sun exposure or may be hormonal conditioned. Hormonal pigmentation that has occurred, for example, in connection with pregnancy or birth control pills, may disappear by itself or you may need to help with pigment-inhibiting products.

Always use sun protection factor

The most important thing when starting treatment for pigmentation is to avoid the sun and to always make use of a high sun protection factor. Therefore, always use a protective cream with SPF, especially on the exposed parts of the body and where pigmentation usually appear as on the face.

Use custom creams

Even effective creams can do wonders for a pigmented skin. Some inhibit melanin production and prevent new spots from forming while others appear exfoliating and enlightening.

Have patience

Getting rid of pigmentation requires time and patience, depending on the skin deep it sits and what type of pigmentation you have.

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