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What is natural beauty and how do we become naturally beautiful? There are probably many opinions and thoughts about it. Is it just using natural products or maybe no products at all? Stop straight legs, armpit and so on? Can you use makeup if you want to keep your natural beauty? Here is a guide on what to think about. Natural beauty is a healthy strong body, a rosy complexion, and healthy hair. How do we get it then? A good start is to take care of the inside. Surely the inside of itself reflects on the outside? Here are my five tips on how to get or keep your natural beauty!

Exercise – for increased blood circulation

When you exercise you exercise your muscles and also the muscles of your face. Your blood circulation increases and it in itself carries slag products that give a clearer and rosier complexion. And you get a strong healthy body on the bargain!

Water – provides a natural beauty

The fact that water is a very important part of natural beauty is no secret, 1.5-2 liters per day we should get in order for the body to feel good and not become dehydrated. It can manifest in, for example, sunken skin and fatigue.

Natural Beauty

Cleaning – part of your daily skincare routine

It is very important to clean the skin with a product adapted for you. Think about your face daily exposed to contamination, dust and so on. These settle into the pores and settle like a membrane. Feel free to have a couple of different cleans as the skin usually has different needs depending on the skin condition it is in during the different seasons.

Moisturizing – for a skin that radiates

Last but not least! Humidify moisturize and moisturize! A face that gets moisturized daily morning and evening as well as moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week will radiate. Many people probably ask; shouldn’t the skin take care of it yourself? Yes, to a certain extent, it does, but we have to take into account that the environment and our lifestyle are drying out our skin to a great extent. Always use moisturizing with customized serum and cream after cleaning.

Oxidation – protect yourself in the sun

Oxidation on the skin can be affected both internally and externally. White sugar found in sweets, alcohol and white bread, for example, affects the collagen fibers in our skin and makes them less flexible. Which in turn gives a less resilient complexion. The sun is another cure for our skin’s oxidation damage. We need sun but always use a high SPF so you don’t get burned!

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