Get The Clothes to Stay Longer

Has it also happened to you that the cozy wool sweater has been stretched to unrecognizable or that your favorite black pants are rather gray when you remove them from the wardrobe?
Not only does storing and taking care of their clothes keep them looking good anymore, it also means that you do not have to buy new or wash as often, which the environment thanks you for. Here are our top tips on how to best take care of your clothes to keep them looking longer.

Choose the right type of hanger

That certain garments such as dresses, jackets and shirts feel the best about hanging, you probably already knew, but do you hang your clothes on the right kind of hanger? A jacket often weighs some and needs a wider hanger that fits the garment’s shoulder shape. Avoid using the thin metal hangers that come from the dry cleaning and invest in a wider version with a rounded fit in wood or plastic. Skirts and suit pants are also best suited for hanging on custom hangers. Do not cut the cords that are often sewn into the clothes – they are there to help the garment hang right on the hanger. And help the collar stay in shape by always snapping the top button on the shirts. That way, you also don’t risk the shirt slipping off the hanger.

Get The Clothes to Stay Longer

Store t-shirts, jeans and knit weight in the wardrobe

Other garments should not be hung at all as they run the risk of being stretched. All knitted cardigans and sweaters should always be kept folded. The same goes for t-shirts and jeans. They feel best about being folded and stored lying down.

Avoid washing as far as possible

The absolute best advice to get your clothes kept is to avoid washing as long as you can. Instead, weather the clothes after each use and they will be fresh again. Some materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere often seem self-cleaning just by breathing in the fresh air. If the garment has received a stain, try removing the stain immediately instead of washing the entire garment. You can try stain removal detergents or any stain-releasing product. If the garment has no stains but smells of sweat, a steam bath can do the trick. You can try hanging the garment in the bathroom when you take a hot shower. However, most have so large bathrooms that it is difficult to get enough steam in the entire bathroom.

The styles allow you to quickly freshen up garments hanging on a hanger – perfect for delicate silk blouses, coats or jackets that otherwise need to be sent on dry cleaning. The vapor removes odors and bacteria, and smooths out wrinkles and wrinkles. There is also a built-in trouser if you want to get nice press creases without having to iron yourself. In addition, it goes much faster than wetting the clothes.

Get The Clothes to Stay Longer

Turn the clothes out and in as you wash

If you have to wash your clothes, it is good to turn in and out of pants, t-shirts and other things, so the color of the clothes stays better. For sensitive materials such as wool and silk, it is good to use an adapted detergent that is more gentle on these materials. You can also use the washing machine’s specific wool and silk program or the hand wash program. In general, it is good to wash at as low a temperature as possible. It likes both the clothes and the environment.

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