4 Things Actress Hilarie Burton Always Does for a Confidence Boost

4 Things Actress Hilarie Burton Always Does for a Confidence Boost

You’ve seen her play assured, badass women on screen, but IRL, actress Hilarie Burton has to cultivate confidence like the rest of us. After years in the biz and off-screen roles including author, host, producer, farmer, and business owner, she’s become adept at overcoming self-doubt. Here, are the rituals that make her feel beautiful, empowered, balanced, and ready for anything.

Turn up the throwbacks

Whenever Hilarie is feeling unsure of herself, she uses music to get back on track. “I try to tap back into the energy and moxie I had when I was younger when I had a carefree attitude and felt invincible,” she says. Her advice: Crank up your favourite songs from a time when you were really feeling yourself, and get ready to conquer the world.

Book a waxing sesh

“I love being a dirt ball on my farm, but I still have a girly side who appreciates having super-smooth legs,” Hilarie says. But shaving every day? It’s not always in the cards. That’s why she never misses her monthly leg waxing appointments at European Wax Center. “With one quick appointment, I’m set for the whole month. And I don’t have to think about whether or not my legs are hairy, or if I have ingrown hairs or razor burn,” she says. “Delegating some of your self-care rituals to the professionals is a great way to be the boss of your own life.”

To keep her legs silky in between appointments, she swears by applying the EWC Shea Body Butter after showering every night. “It feels amazing, and is a tiny way of spoiling myself.”

Hilarie Burton as Lucille-The Walking Dead_Season 10, Episode 22-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

Spritz on a mood-boosting scent

A friend inspired Hilarie to keep a fragrance in her purse and give it a spritz whenever she needs a pick-me-up on the go. “It made such an impression on me,” she says. “It’s amazing how a fragrance you love can help alter your state of mind.”

At home, the scent of the EWC Coconut Body Oil helps Hilarie get Zen. She finds the formula’s natural fragrance to be calming and loves how soft the fast-absorbing oil makes her skin feel.

Get your hands dirty

“I feel my best when I’m up to my elbows in dirt, playing in my garden,” says Hilarie. In addition to the satisfaction she gets from growing her own food for the meals she makes for her family, she also uses the time to sweat. “I work in the world of make-believe, so when I can do tangible tasks—planting vegetables, building things, or painting, that’s how I like to squeeze exercise in,” she says.