Matylda Bajer About Her Experience In India, Including A Recent Movie Shoot

Matylda Bajer About Her Experience In India, Including A Recent Movie Shoot

Many talents from different parts of the world have made it big in the Indian film industry. Matylda Bajer is also setting her foot in the acting world with the film A Beautiful Breakup, a UK-South Indian romantic thriller helmed by Ajith Vasan Uggina. The music has been composed by the legendary Illayaraja.

Matylda spends her life between Europe and India.

What appealed to her the most in India is its rich culture, diversity, and kind-hearted people.

“It is also a growing market with so many opportunities and so much to look forward to”, – she says. Apart from acting, she is very active on social media, where she likes to share not only daily photos but also health and fitness tips. “I enjoy being able to connect with people this way, and the thought that I might be helping someone out there by encouraging or motivating or sharing some knowledge and bringing awareness is enough to keep me going. Instagram is not just about posting pictures. Matylda Bajer also shares, “Living in India as a European is definitely interesting and has opened up my world and expanded my horizons a lot. I have always been intrigued by other cultures, and although I have visited different countries, it’s different when you actually live somewhere long term. Indian people are quite welcoming, usually curious and ready to help, to connect.”

A Beautiful Breakup actress reveals that she met many unique and creative people in the acting and modelling field. She says that it was a pleasure to work with passionate and dedicated individuals. She also adds, “I also love travelling here, especially the Indian subcontinent is so big and home to such a mix of cultures within one country. I’m a big fan of that variety, the many languages, religions, food. I enjoy the food here in India, and I miss it whenever abroad – the rich flavours, diversity, all those spices.”

Actress Matylda Bajer also shares her experience of shooting A Beautiful Breakup at a remote location. She states, “While shooting for Beautiful Breakup in a remote location in the hills among the coffee plantations, we were eating fresh local food daily made with locally sourced ingredients and spices, it was amazing. Of course, while living and travelling in different parts of India, I came across difficulties. Small misunderstandings are bound to happen due to cultural differences. But the more time I spend in India, the more in-depth my understanding of the country and its culture is.”


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