A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for every family. It is a time to invite old friends, relatives and acquaintances for the big event. The bride and the bridegroom dress in special Wedding and Reception Saris for the celebration. 

There is a constant flow of long forgotten relatives, acquaintances and friends of the couple and their families wishing the couple on this auspicious occasion. With a week long portfolio of events to attend, separate outfits have to be chosen for each event. With a plethora of options available, shopping for clothes for a wedding is an extremely challenging exercise. Buy Saris Online is the best option for get fresh design saris with reasonable price.

How to choose the right sari for a wedding Reception?

Party Wear Sari

You have been invited to your friend’s wedding and you don’t know what to wear? Party wear sari can be the best option to wear for a wedding Reception, as most of the female guests will be wearing one. If you are close to your friend, it is imperative that you wear a sari for the wedding. Considering many factors for the selection of your sari, here is a set of ground rules which need to be followed to make the selection process easier.

Reception Party Sari

Colors to be Avoided-Starting with the color, you should always avoid black and white as they symbolize death while red should be avoided as it is generally worn by the bride.

A word of caution before the search– First and foremost, if you are planning to wear heavy jewelry to the wedding it is best to select your sari which matches the jewelry and not the other way round. The jewelry which you possess is much more valuable than your dress, so you have to ensure that you scout for outfits matching your jewelry, in order to avoid any last minute chaos before the wedding Reception.

Party Wear

Short listing your options– Based on the color and design of your jewelry, you can then move on to selecting the best colored sari for your ensemble. Do not try to match the color of the jewelry with the sari, instead take the help of friends and professionals to zero in on the best color and design of saris which can look good with your jewelry.

Saris can be considered as the most flexible and versatile Indian ethnic wear garment available today. It can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your preferences. If you want to go the tried-and-tested way, you can opt for a traditional sari. For a more contemporary look, you can go for a half and half sari or a color pleated sari with minimalist designs to highlight attention to your jewelry.

The wedding season is the best time to dress up in an otherwise dull and routine lifestyle. With increasingly busy lifestyles due to a punishing working culture, the most convenient way to shop these days is through the online route. With online retailers offering deep discounts and attractive offers, there is no doubt that online shopping is going to be the best trend in future.

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