Puerto Rican Kiara Liz debuts in Hollywood

Puerto Rican Kiara Liz debuts in Hollywood

“Panamá” is an action thriller filmed in Puerto Rico and based on true events of 1989. The film tells the story of James Becker (Cole Hauser), a former Marine who is covertly sent to by his former commander, Stark (Mel Gibson) to execute a high-value deal with unreliable adversaries.

In addition to acclaimed actors Hauser and Gibson, Kate Katzman, Charlie Weber, Victor Turpin, Mauricio Henao, Néstor Rodulfo and Puerto Rican Kiara Liz Ortega joined the cast of this production directed by Mark Neveldine (from the “Crank” series). This is the debut in Hollywood of the Latina actress. 

“Excited and happy for my Hollywood debut with the movie Panama. My character is called Camila, she is the girlfriend of ‘Becker’ Cole Hauser. She came from Colombia to Panama fleeing from her demons. She learned to make a living at the expense of her body but despite being very immersed in her reality, she has the hope of being able to have a better life. She is malicious, independent and impulsive, “Kiara Liz said. 

The feature film “Panama”, premiered in mid-March, is produced by Jordan Beckerman, Jordan Yale Levine, Michelle Chydzik Sowa, Michelle Reihel, Shaun Sanghani and Frances Lausell.


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