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Know All about Rima Shivprakash, Trending Fashion Model

Know All about Rima Shivprakash, Trending Fashion Model

In today’s era, being digital is very important. And one of the fastest ways to get recognition is by becoming a Fashion Model. The industry of this creative model is spread across the globe. Rima Shivprakash is one such popular name in the field of trending fashion in India. Her background in front of the lens and on the runways truly allows her vision to come to life as an understanding of the importance of movement and elegance in clothing.

At the age of 16, Rima Shivprakash made her debut in Modeling and who is has gained popularity in the modelling industry. Rima had already made a special mark for herself, impressing a majority of the audients throughout India. 

She has managed to blossom into a seasoned actress, who is much more than just a pretty face or you know one says beauty with brains. However, Apurva is not just an excellent actress; she’s a humanitarian at heart.  She is not just an exceptional activist, but a role has been a role model to many too.

When people refer to you as “one of the original supermodels,” it’s safe to say you’ve got Trending on fashion in your bones. With vast knowledge about the fashion industry. The Rima is a prime example of how models can establish themselves outside of the standard channels, by using studios and other platforms at their disposal. She has huge fans but has never had a Wikipedia page.

Rima Shivprakash | Lakkars Magazine | Trending on Fashion

Rima says she knows exactly why she’s so popular. “People like my story as a self-made woman,” she says. Like many other influencers, she recognizes the importance of developing a unique personal brand. “I began by taking snaps of my #OOTD’s (outfit of the day) and this progressed into taking quality images of my beauty and fashion style. I like to think people are flocking to my Instagram page to find something different. My aim is to be the girl with that creative, bold beauty look that nobody has done yet.”

Rima Shivprakash also sometimes known as Chandrapur Rima, has come very far from where she started. You know it wasn’t an easy ride to be where she is today. The Chandrapur beauty gives hope to young girls worldwide that their dreams to break ground in the field of fashion on the world stage should not be dismissed. Even if people hail from parts of the world that many may not know of, she is making them break their shackles and come to the forefront. At first, it seems like the right platform for a modelling career, however, following her footsteps, these people who adore her are making a path for their successful careers ahead.

The supermodel has been creating ripples in the fashion world with her exotic look and storied social life. Rima is known for her sense of style and loves to embody the characters she loves when it comes to getting dressed. Speaking about her passion she said in Lakkars Magazine, “Movies are such a big inspiration for me fashion-wise. I’ll watch a film and my style will take after the character that I’m obsessed with! If I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, all I’d wear for the next few days are black dresses and ballet flats.”

Rima is the perfect example of the new-age actress, who is not just lured by the glitz and glam of the silver screen, but wants to use her celebrity status to not bluff out but instead make a difference in society, more overly in people’s lives.