The longline was first seen on men especially Kayne West whose love for fashion especially hip hop and street style made him sport this Trending on fashion. Till now, he’s been the first inspiration in Magazine on fashion when it comes to long t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies and high street retailers are designing their version of the longline sweatshirt keeping in mind his take Longline tees and dresses are basically long tees that come with a slouchy longer fit often reaching the top of the leg.

longline outfit shirt

The trend is an extreme version of classic hoodies and sweatshirts hence looks best when worn in neutral colors such as black, white, grey, and blue. Acid wash, stone wash, and ripped styles are popular versions of the trend and give a very pop culture look and feel to every garment.

longline outfit shirt

Whereas for women, the trend is much more evolved. The best example is the long sleeves jacket that is preferred by most women these days to up their corporate style game. Another trendy version is slit tops that are usually worn with hot shorts playing peek-a-boo beneath the slit of the garment.

longline outfit shirt

The best thing about this trend is that it’s meant for all no matter what body shape. With its straight cut and long, slouchy hem it makes anyone appear thinner especially when worn in dark colors. The only thing you need to keep in mind while wearing anything longline is its neckline. A round neck that ends just below the collarbone would suit all but V-necks should be worn only by those with the oval-shaped face for a feminine and elongated effect.

longline outfit shirt

If you are bottom-heavy, this trend gives you a very good chance to show your love for hot shorts. Go for a long side slit dress to go with your shorts and get your look on point with a pair of sharp brogues. For those with a heavy upper body, you should go for dresses in dark or jewel tones that end 2 inches above your knees.

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