Silk Headwraps is Having a Moment in Fashion

The headscarf trend is back with all the IT girls sporting the look. Just when we thought that we are going overboard with the trend from naughtier, these style mavens make us believe that there is a lot more from the era that can be brought in fashion. Be it Kylie Jenner or Bella Hadid, their Instagram feed shows us, how much they love covering their head with these printed silk scarves. Even fashion influencer’s back home are embracing this trend. What’s the reason behind its raging popularity among the millennials? Here’s what fashion experts have to say.

Credit this trend to the pop stars like Bayonne, Britney Spears, and Madonna. The silk head wraps were a favorite back then and seeing it complementing with all the trendy clothes that we wear today, it still seems to have a fresh look to it. The difference now is that you see girls wearing these silk headscarves with a bomber jacket, those tie-dye sweatsuits and or even bandeau tops.

For those wondering what to wear these headscarves, except for traditional wear, this accessory can go well with any of the recent trends. Just when you have a bad hair day and you know you have to look all glamorous, this printed headscarf is your savior. It is a no-fuss trend. Style it with your tank tops and flared pants or even a body-hugging midi dress with sneakers and you are all set to impress.

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