Tips for Makeup Artists

In order to be successful in the field of makeup artistry, it’s crucial to know how to network.  Attending a makeup artistry school or a makeup school is the first important step in the networking process.  As a student in a makeup school, you have many opportunities to make connections with people who are already working in the industry. 

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This can lead to job opportunities as well as referrals.  If you don’t attend a makeup artist school, it can be much more difficult to break into this competitive industry. Networking skills are essential in the field of makeup artistry.  Networking is about building relationships, establishing contacts and meeting future employers.  Networking has a lot to do with knowing how to promote yourself and how to make a name for you in the industry.

One of the keys to successful networking is knowing who to connect with and preparing adequate marketing materials.  It’s important to consider all of those that hire makeup artists including photographers, hairstylists, fashion stylists, and wedding planners.  These are all key professionals to network and develop relationships with.  Not only could these connections potentially hire you, but they could also refer you to their friends and business contacts in the industry.

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It’s crucial to meet as many photographers as you can and always carry business cards with you.  In addition, it’s important to attend workshops, continuing makeup education classes, and networking events.  Another wonderful option is to find an established makeup artist who can mentor and guide you while you make connections and learn about the industry.

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