The Life and Career of Anusri: An Inspirational Story

The Life and Career of Anusri: An Inspirational Story

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end job and need some serious motivation to get going? Well, look no further. Anusri is here to provide us with just the inspiration we need. The unmistakable laughter, like melodic machine gun volleys, signals the imminent arrival of the vision of loveliness known as Anusri.

Anusri is a rising star with not one but two major movies coming up, it’s a sound that reverberates around the vast white-walled empty spaces of a Tollywood, rendering everyone in its path powerless to do anything but smile.

Enter Anusri. Dressed in a figure-hugging sleeveless Blue dress, the actress Anusri is such a joyous force of nature, its impossible to keep a straight face in her presence. she says there are still things that she finds hard to do especially when it comes to deciding the roles she wants to take on from her noteworthy performance in movies, anusri’s career have been most interesting.

“I always do look at the script. I also am a little bit guilty of the fact that when there is a script that is really special, and I am very uncool about it. I am like, ‘Yes, please let’s do it.’ I am not very good at playing the game of, ‘Oh I might be a bit busy, I am afraid I won’t do it’. I have got to get better at saying no. But I can’t help it when the script is really good. It is a no brainer really for me,” she says.

“It can be tricky sometimes to balance having a social life and then having a successful career, but you just have to carve out time. I think my parents helped me keep all that in perspective. And I think I did a decent job,” she laughs.

She hopes to continue pursuing surprising roles in projects like the film, ones “that have a sensuality to them and are sexy because it’s super fun and it’s such an empowering part of being a woman,” she says. A musical or a romantic comedy could be next. “I really just want to try everything.”

Tollywood Industry is a place where women are really powerful and they really are dominant in the media industry. New dramas, films and tv serials are coming day by day and it is the women there living are so talented that they are always craving popularity and knowing able.

They are trying hard to achieve their goals and make their place proud. As they are well known because of their flawless skin, they are quickly making their name in the media industry. So this little girl is career orientated and knows well how to work.  She’s currently working hard to cope with the upcoming new Actresses as well and must be coming up with something amazing. Anusri is the perfect example of a new-age actress, who is not just lured by the glitz and glam of the silver screen, but wants to use her celebrity status not to bluff out but instead make a difference in society, more overly in people’s lives.