The Sari are known for its exquisite and unique motifs of borders on weft of sari. The Gadwal saris are blend or combination of cotton weave fabric in body and the borders are in contrast with gold zari weave designs over it instead of a plain panel of zari.

Gadwal Handwoven Silk Saris

The Lakkars Gadwal silk saris are simply the same in silk with a plain or butte body but with a design weave motif look on edge border of sari in golden. These motifs of borders can be in anything from floral leaves or architectural inspiration of motifs.

Style a Lakkars Gadwal Silk Sari

Gadwal Sari pure Mulberry Silk Saris

The saris are perfect for festivals like pujas and Diwali time. As the sari is from Telangana (south India), the cultural style of jewelry suits very well with the sari. Try wearing the sari in an open pallu drape or proper pleated drape at the shoulder. You can always style your hair according to the occasion in bun, braid or open locks like the celebrities do. You can also choose to style silk plain blouses with these saris in contrast colors. Go for silk or brocade blouses as per the kind of pure gadwal silk saris. For other kinds of Lakkars gadwal sari choose contrast likes weave designs or motifs on blouse if sari is plain or vice versa.

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