Rachel Zoe’s Got Some Ideas What to Wear to a Virtual Holiday Party

If you’ve been mulling over several outfit options for your next virtual holiday party, then Rachel Zoe just might be able to help you narrow them down.

PureWow recently chatted with the fashion designer about her collaboration with Tanqueray for the new Straw Capsule Collection, and while discussing her holiday plans, she gave us all the deets on how to look our best for virtual Christmas events, whether it be an office gathering or a family affair.

Zoe told us, “Anything with beautiful detail at the neckline or in the sleeve is really where you’re going to win. I love an exaggerated shoulder, some kind of voluminous sleeve or a pretty neckline, and always some dramatic piece of jewellery.” Noted!

The 52-year-old designer also offered a makeup tip for those who want to take their festive look to the next level. She revealed, “I really enjoy wearing a good lipstick at home, because you can’t really wear it anywhere else, I’m always wearing a mask. So I think when you’re at home on Zoom, it’s safe to bring out your favourite lipstick colour.”

It’s official, we’ll be whipping out a tube of Ruby Woo, thank you very much.

As for what Zoe will be pulling out of the closet for her own celebrations, the stylist and fashion designer confirmed that she’ll be wearing some glittery items. She said, “I’m definitely wearing some things with sparkle, just to make it feel more holiday, and some of my favourite jewellery, because why not? You know, glamour is a state of mind, and it’s certainly something that can get lost in our virtual life, but I think that you have to do what makes you feel good.”

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