Shin Se-Kyung – South Korean Star Actress

Shin Se-Kyung is a South Korean actress, model, and singer who has made a successful transition from being a child star to an adult celebrity. She debuted in the South Korean entertainment scene at only eight years of age when she was featured on the album cover and poster of K-pop artist Seo Taiji’s ‘Take Five’.

Shin Se kyung

She followed this with an appearance in the children’s TV show ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ and played the character of Choi Seo-hee in the SBS historical drama ‘The Land’. She landed her first cinematic role in 2004 in the romantic comedy ‘My Little Bride’. After the initial struggle that lasted a few years, she finally had her breakthrough in 2009 in the situation comedy ‘High Kick Through the Roof’.

Shin Se kyung

She landed her first starring role in the horror film ‘Cinderella’ (2006). Cast opposite veteran actress Do Ji-won, Shin gave a powerful and haunting performance in a film which was, for all intents and purposes, a severe criticism of the Asian perception of beauty and the use of plastic surgery to achieve it.

Shin Se Kyung

She also faced some very poor responses from the audience at a time but after that, she released her single songs and gained her missing popularity again. She received many of the Awards and was totally worth it. As she had a big-time making her name and now she’s enjoying her fame time, but after some issues of work her name suddenly came down of the most talented actresses.

South Korea is a place where women are really powerful and they really are dominant over the media industry. New dramas, films, tv serials, and music videos are coming day by day and it is due to the women there living are so talented that they are always craving for popularity and knowing able.

Shin Se kyung

They are trying really hard to achieve their goals and to make their place proud. As they are well known because of their flawless skin, they are easily making their name in the media industry. So this little girl is career orientated and knows well how to work.  She’s currently working hard to cope with the upcoming new Actresses as well and must be coming up with something amazing.


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