Top 3 Fashion Designers in India

Indian designers are displaying much more novelty than before. The list of the most successful artists is not an easy one to make.

Considering the current talent pool, it is probably at an all time high. Until very recently, we had only a handful of them we knew each of them by name. However, that’s not the case anymore. There are innumerable designers with incredible talent. The evolving runway scene has thrown open many doors for every kind of designer. This has made designer-wear accessible and affordable than what it was a few years ago. With flagship stores spreading into retail stores in every city and the brands showcasing their latest collections on their official portals, owning a piece of gorgeous designer wear is easier than ever.

The fascinating fact for me, however, is the fact that each of them has a unique style to offer, each better than the other. Be it, khadi, earthy, traditional or contemporary, our options are overwhelmingly abundant. Having said that, there are a few designers with such inspiring journeys we should all know and the tales they have to tell translates into their work which we can see right through. That’s really why I’m here today, to list them out here from fashion gurus to new age designers you must know and follow them.

3. Nishika Lulla

Nishka Lulla

Dreaming top growing up as something or someone we see every day (as children) to actually becoming one, is not as easy as it sounds. You still need passion, dedication, and fascination to turn that into an actual profession. That’s exactly what Nishika Lulla went on to become. Her mother influenced her heavily because of all the trips she would make with her kid. But, what makes her label ‘Nisshk’ unique is that it caters to youngsters—teenage to roughly 30 years. She identified this gap in the market and quickly moved in that direction. The fabrics that you will mostly see on this label are tulle, net, lace and sequin which work so well for her target group. Bling, chic and vibrant just how they like it. Now that’s what we call passion.

2. Ridhi Mehra

Ridhi Mehra

Another inspiring story of a young and passionate girl. A coming of age designer who gained popularity within no time started designing for some of the top Bollywood celebrities. She quickly turned into their hot favorite too. It was apparent when actors and celebs on the Red Carpet would say ‘Ridhi Mehra’ to the question ‘Who are you wearing’? She also comes from a household that is into the business of selling clothes. After her business management course in the UK, she took up a course in Fashion designing in Delhi, worked as a store assistant to her mother and aunt for three years before launching her own label, whose primary focus was bridal wear. But she also slowly moved into making ethnic wear with a contemporary touch. She is known for her offbeat jumpsuit designs too. It did not take her too long before she hit the runway at the Lakme Fashion Week, which she considers by far the most special moment of her life.

1. Asmita Marwa

Asmita Marwa

“Sustainability is an ideology, a state of mind and a concept close to my heart as a designer and as a creative person.”

Asmita Marwa

Designer from Hyderabad who made it big and to Vogue’s list of Top 9 Upcoming International Designers. Her claim to fame was her Kalamkari collection that took the industry by storm. All her collections infuse traditional designs by keeping abreast the global trends. Simple, soft and sustainable fashion, that’s what her label is all about. Sustainable fashion as a concept is kind of interesting because the idea is not to launch seasonal clothing but work with the existing ones by re-inventing and re-interpreting the existing ones and using them as separates. She has also been invited to the Global Sustainable Fashion Week held in Budapest, Hungary will showcase her ‘Zero Wastage’ collection. All of this by recycling and up cycling which makes her unique, rare and puts her apart from everyone else.


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